Audit & Risk Assurance

Audit & Risk Assurance

Risk is simultaneously the source of a strong competitive advantage as well as tremendous strife, depending on the presence of institutionalized risk assessment, management & mitigation strategies. We help our clients protect value for their stakeholders, while balancing the needs of their business.

Assurance on financial and non-financial information can help instill confidence in the important decisions that management makes on behalf of an organization.

Audits form the foundation of a business built on strong principles. While clients may already possess the characteristics needed to successfully and seamlessly navigate the statutory audit requirements, we offer our clients a unique value proposition -confidence. Confidence, that empowers them to focus hassle-free on their core competence.

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Create SOP’s for every process/sub-process established in the entity
  • Develop a document flow for all essential activities in the organisation
  • Curate a road map for all functions and segements of an organization to have an wholesome approach

Internal Audit

  • Conduct in depth analysis of established processes to highlight the non compliances
  • Analyse the monetory and non-monetory implications of variances dedtected during the audit
  • Report non-complinaces and suggest corrective measures
  • Prepare ATR (Action taken report) for top management
  • Shift from reactive to proactive risk identification and mitigation approach
  • Work in sync with best industry practices to keep a dynamic and relevant control system

Forensic Audit

  • Conduct forensic audit of the Company based on client requirements
  • Identify and target sensitive business areas for a thorough check on each aspect of the concerned area
  • Locate weak points and dig in to expose possible fraud cases

Statutory Audits

  • Conduct Statutory audits as required by the Companies Act
  • High quality, independent financial statement audits are essential to maintaining investor confidence
  • Challenge assumptions and unlock valuable insights
  • Understand the organization’s business to apply innovative audit methodologies and approaches

Tax Audits and Certifications

  • Conduct Tax audit as required by the Income Tax act
  • Any other audits/certifications as required by any other Act